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Sometimes it snows in the desert.

We got a dusting of snow in Las Cruces last night. The German Shepherd loves the snow. The lab/pitbull mix is curled up on the couch hoping it goes away soon.

It snowed quite a bit more in locations further North in NM yesterday, which means the truck and trailer got to play in the snow on the way back down from Albuquerque. I LOVE driving in the snow, and about 100 miles of the trip were slush or snow packed. There were also a few miles of sheet ice North of Socorro, which meant playing the game what direction do you think that car/truck/semi was heading before their off course excursion.  


The Michelin LTX seemed to do pretty good on my 2WD truck in the snow for all seasons, but it was a bit hard to tell objectively. A few hundred pounds stuff in the bed and a car trailer with a miata’s worth of tongue weight on the back of truck is a bit like engaging cheat mode in the snow for a non-4WD truck.

I’ve got my Dad’s car down here to do a timing belt/tune up/Svending on it next week, since I don’t go back to work until the 8th. He’s finally managed to rack up 61k on his 05 Miata. It also happens to generally match my trailer.



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