We usually get a few inches of snow a couple times a year down on the desert floor of Southern NM. The roads were a little slush and some ice here and there, but not enough to really be fun. I love driving in the snow.

This was enough for most things to be on a 2 hours delay down here, because most folks around here are soft and struggle to drive on a wet road, much less one with anything frozen on it. The County wasn’t on a 2 hour delay, but I still got to play in the snow with the head of household security before work. The other dog has never been impressed by snow and just waits at the door to go back into the land warmth, food and dog couches.


I could totally peg passing cars on atleast northbound I-25 and the frontage road with snowballs, but that wouldn’t be excellent to each other so I didn’t. My inner 12-year old certainly thought about it though.

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