This is going to be another rant-y post, but for those of you wondering about what this has to do with driving or anything OppoLock/Jalop-related, hang on for a bit please....

I can say this started way back in February when the Broncos gave possibly the most embarrassing performance in NFL history. Yes, it was embarrassing - tremendously embarrassing, one of those things that truly makes you want to hide your head in a paper bag all <s>day</s><s>week</s>year especially in a town majorly obsessed with its football team (being the one truly good sports team in the whole damn region). There's a lot to be embarrassed about living in Denver, not the least of which is that our local newscasters are, yes, embarrassingly clueless and often conduct themselves like a bunch of woefully inexperienced amateurs.

But I'm slowly finding out that Denver isn't alone in its daily output of embarrassment. Really, if I wanted to escape embarrassing situations on a daily basis perhaps booking rocket ship tickets may be my only option. At the very least, escaping to Dallas doesn't seem like a practical option. Something got me thinking - I'm never going to escape frustration from these embarrassing frustrations no matter where I am or what I do. I just need to get people to think about what they're doing. Thinking things through helps prevent embarrassment.


Take the Superbowl for example - yeah, maybe the Donkeys would've still lost but maybe if the line snapper (who, I believe, was actually a third-stringer because the team had been addled by so many injuries) just took a few moments to compose himself he wouldn't have given a freebie two points and changed the momentum of the game after it barely started. Maybe if a few of our "genius" local news media personalities actually bothered to familiarize themselves with how iPads, Instagram and Twitter work they could actually get out a relevant news cast with social media tie-ins instead of constantly making themselves look like near-Luddite buffoons day-in, day-out (believe me, this is hardly the only gaff Good Day Colorado is guilty of, it's just that the vast majority of them only manage to be slightly awkward and cringe-worthy).

So what does this have to do with driving you say? As I've mentioned before, many of the most embarrassing (and fatal) mistakes made on our highways, including what happened in Dallas, are the result of drivers who are woefully mentally unprepared and inattentive when it comes to adapting to new situations or even in perfectly safe, everyday situations. Just today I was stuck behind a clueless driver who was too busy thumbing through her phone and building a long line behind her. It doesn't matter if it's trying to get around an auto accident just bombing down the highway or even the simplest of parking tasks. Being attentive and having full situational awareness is an integral part of driving.


Attentiveness and knowing what you're doing - being prepared instead of figuring you can wing it every time you have to, even in a professional setting - is what makes life stress and hassle-free not just for you but for everyone around you. Whether it's trying to snap a ball in the biggest game of your life or even working out this newfangled Social Media thing when you're trying to inform a whole city on a tragic event without turning it into a major faux-pas. When you're in your car, it's more than just a social courtesy. But even if your life isn't always on the line, it'd be nice to be able to escape a parking lot without making those around you think that women indeed can't drive.