After I got my current job I made a trip down to the Savannah area for a house hunting trip. While there, I see this girl I was interested in. She drives a Corolla, which is the same car I had rented for my house hunting trip. I ask her to guess what car I had rented. She’s not a car person, so I assumed she would guess the same car she has. Nope, what does she say? She says “it’s a BMW isn’t it?” I was shocked for a second, then I remembered that I have this thing for BMWs and that response made complete sense.

Later that same week, probably the next day, I saw her again. This time I made a mention of thinking about buying the E92 that I did end up buying and how it was a manual. She was aware of the fact that I already had one manual BMW, so I’m sure she was thinking why do I need another one. She looks at me and says “it’s a fetish isn’t it?” Apparently I have a thing for manual BMWs.