So, yesterday I posted a filthy-ass car that was traded in at the dealership:

Today I thought I'd do the opposite. We just got this peach of a 2007 Toyota Tacoma in.

It's beautiful. This is the condition in which the guy was driving it. It's got a small lift kit, aftermarket wheels and some more aggressive tires, but otherwise is stock.


There's not a single mark on the body. No damage, not even a door ding. This is impressive considering here in the Rust Belt, even trucks that are only 7 years old usually are already starting to show scars from battle with the tin worm.


The interior is similarly clean.

The cliche "you could eat off the carpet" seems to apply here.


The engine bay is flawless too. Not a speck of filth or drop of old oil to be found anywhere.

It goes without saying that this truck is as mechanically perfect as it looks. The engine runs like a top, A/C blows ice cold, all the power features work, and there aren't even any squeaks and rattles.

So you think... "big deal, there's a ton of clean low mileage trucks out there. So what?"


Well, here's the surprise:

Car care: You're doing it right.