My Jetta has been apart for about a week as I’ve waited for time to button up the back brakes. Before putting them back together though, I wanted to replace both of the inoperative rear wheel speed sensors...and that’s been trickier than anticipated.

Helpful toddler.

The sensors tend to get stuck in the hub, but before I even got that far, the bolts holding them were stuck. Naturally Fritz made it a 5mm internal hex instead of a 10mm bolt like a normal fucking person, and I promptly rounded them both off trying to loosen them.


Allen sockets, triple squares, pounding a socket over the round head of the bolt...even a reverse threaded bolt remover didn’t work. You know what worked? Channellocks worked. Squeezed them as tight as possible and actually got the things to turn.

So with a little luck, I’ll have working rear brakes tomorrow along with working ABS and traction control. All I need after that is the flex pipe and it’ll be road ready.

Oh, also it seems my parking brake issue (I couldn’t pull the handle and engage the parking brake) was due to the stuck caliper, whole mechanism was frozen. I’m going to replace the rear cables anyway because they’re cheap and they look like garbage. 

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