It’s our own fault we scheduled 3 days at Universal Studios and then 5 at Disney but that was with months of preparation that I had no idea I would end up working 19 straight days for a total of 200 hours right before the moment we sent off. Long story short I’m beat. Rode the Disney’s Chevy sponsored Test Track again today and it really is a unique ride the kids and I love it. The Chevy reps/ Disney employees are super friendly in the showroom area you exit the ride in but we are minivan people and Chevy doesn’t make one so they really aren’t on my radar.  Good night oppo hope your doing well. P.s. the dealership called me today about the ProMaster and said there’s absolutely nothing wrong. To that I said I disagree because the door fell off. They replied I guess we’ll send it to the body shop see what they say I have no idea what the hell they are thinking but it obviously jumped off the track I would imagine for a couple hundred bucks they can replace the the rollers and the track and it wouldn’t happen again but instead they are saying everything is fine. Yes indeed every thing is fine.