Funny stuff today, Bangor, Maine Police's facebook page had a picture up with a Subie wagon carrying a snowmobile in the back. But that isnt the end of the story. This is little long winded, but stick with me.

I am posting this photo tonight for those of you that are not lucky enough to live here in the greatest state in the nation.

Sure, you might have warmer weather, more snakes, tornados, insects and a higher crime rate but we defy you to challenge a Mainer in packing a car.

Ingenuity. True to the course and generally "wicked smaht", we also understand spatial issues like no one else. This photo was taken by a Mainer at a Walmart. Someone needed to get their snowmobile home and a Subaru wagon is truly the perfect conveyor of all things winter.

If the owner of this car can prove that it's their car and tell me a story of this adventure, I will supply them with a new or like new, Bangor Police Department Duck of Justice tee shirt. In Maine; free is considered better than cheap.

That makes this shirt a bargain at double the price.

Get a hold of ol' TC on messenger or give me a call at the office. I want to shake your hand because you my friend are a true Mainer. Share this. Like our page and let's find this adventurer.


Please, if you are the packer of this car, clear up any wants or warrants prior to stopping by. I want to give you a shirt but I would rather you not wear it in a mug shot.

We will be here!

Ok so they actually find the guy through the magic of social media. No baiting to give him a ticket, using this as a lesson to tie your stuff down, and to show the humerous side of what the police do day in and day out. In all honesty the only thing he did wrong here was not have a flag on those skis that I can see. Ah well, Maine things. Enjoy. Bangor, ME police, you done did good today

Obviously, I wanted to give you an update on the Subaru with the snowmobile in the back. These are important topics and I would like to clarify a few things for many that responded.

Jonathan Barter need to get his friend's sled from point A to point B. He did. He has done it before. We chatted for a few minutes this morning and he is coming up to the Police Department on Friday afternoon. He is bringing a friend. No use leaving out a pal!

For those of you that responded that we were trying to bait Jon in to give him a ticket. You are wrong. Does Bangor P.D. think this is the best way to carry a snowmobile? No. Did it work for Jon? Yes.

Police are much like you, we see things as interesting, funny and while the job requires some serious times, when these things happen; we actually can be amused. We are not robots. We laugh and we like people. Get over your "us against them" theories. Have a laugh with us. We get it, life can be tough. Maine people find a way. To me, that is what this photo represents. Again, we do not recommend it, but it happens.

I also like that Jon wanted to bring his friend. We will give him a shirt as well. We can't do this for every story and photo as I am paying for the shirts out of my own pocket. Maine people are loyal and the fact that Jon does not want to leave his friend out of the picture also tells us something. They are coming up to have their photo with the Duck of Justice on Friday. Over 500 thousand people have seen that post. Most of them were amused. We have to get through this winter somehow. Seems like Jon has figured it out. Lighten up.

I also received some great photos of cars carrying snowmobiles. I appreciate them and am sharing a few. Jon shared a photo that he had taken with the sled in the back of his car. That is here as well.

Would you haul your friend's snowmobile in the back of your car. If you say, no, then you might not be from Maine.

Have a great day. We will get the boys on the page this weekend and provide them with warm and stylish Duck of Justice Tees.

The men and women of the Bangor Police Department will be here. Sometimes, it is ok to have a laugh. Have a great day everyone and drive safely. Tie down those sleds!