I met Danica Patrick last week.

She was asked (by my friend, Wade) during her Q&A what she would say to a fairly accomplished, aspiring, female racer.

She looked at me and said, “We have another racer in the house?”
And I was on the spot, so I responded with “rally driver,” to establish a clear difference (even though I do road race, and have more time road racing than rallying).


D: “Well then you can do something I can’t... go sideways. You could actually probably teach me a few things”

After the Q&A was over, we spoke with her for a bit. She inquired how long I’d been racing and I told her that my first race was actually in 2014 and was an ice race. She asked what that was and was frightened to find out that it was wheel-to-wheel on frozen lakes. She then asked if it was an oval, and her face when I said “road course” was priceless.

We tried to convince her she should come out, but I’m pretty sure she is absolutely terrified at the whole concept. Oh, and I think when I told her that I don’t race with studded tires, it may have even beat out “road course.”

This isn’t news, however. We all know that, in NASCAR, she wants a tight car and hates to slide.

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