The old adage “don’t just throw parts at the problem” is usually true. Especially when it comes to your car. Today however, I had major PC issues.

For the last couple weeks, my PC would play this game of “will I start or will I not?”. I narrowed it down to a couple things: flaky SSD controller or flaky SATA controller on the motherboard. It basically decided to boot whenever it felt like it - even with a fresh OS install it would sometimes hang for an hour while booting. I had kind of gotten accustomed to playing “will it work roulette” but last night couldn’t get it going at all.

Well, today I said “fuck it”. I went to Fry’s. I bought a new motherboard, new SSD, and you know what? 4x’d my RAM up to 32GB. Why? Because if I’m going to have to rebuild the entire damn machine, I’m not putting the exact same thing back together.

Guess what? I have a working computer again.


I’m still not sure which item was the culprit but frankly, I’m not sure that I care.

Because now I’m fixing the next damn problem.

I have a secondary computer but a few months ago (the last time I booted it up), SMART status had been reading errors so I bought a new drive but never got around to installing it. When I went to turn on my secondary computer this week, I found that the hard drive had deteriorated beyond function. Yay. Time to see if I can rebuilt the Master File Table and recover the data.


Moral of the story? Things break. Cars, computers, and people.

So what are you up to this weekend?