I’m having issues with the Pixel Car Banner, For some reason the cars are cropping really weird, I’ve only gotten the Bettle and the Carabo and Bond Bug to work for some reason.

Not sure how many of you know what you’re looking at but that Ferrari ( behind the NSX ) is supposed to have some sort of wheels

I’m not giving up on it but this will require some editing of the image files, I have the .PSD saved somewhere on a USB drive

For reference here’s the original image


Fear not, I have a idea for a banner, I should look like something like these. It will involve a Ferrari, Corvette, Alfa Romeo, depending on what fonts I can find.


I did find this Celica Supra font, it isn’t complete but it’s enough to form “OPPO”. If you’ve got a automotive related font, post it here.


Welp, you’ve made it this far have a Volkswagen.