This was basically my view earlier this evening. We’re here for two weeks for our honeymoon (couldn’t go immediately and it was easier/more cost-effective to switch our flight and hotel booking than take a separate trip, so we just extended it). I’ve seen a lot of weird cars (like last time) and have just under 20G of data available to me, so I’m going to try to post weird automotive stuff in the evenings when I’m here.

The first one I noticed as a taxi. Will be saving that for another day, because I know more about it. Instead, I will leave you with this oddball thing:

Mmm, aggressive.
Check out this spare tire location!

It’s called a “RAM Adventure”. It sort of looks like a bloated Subaru Baja to me.

In other news, our taxi driver from the airport was fabulous. The best taxi ride I’ve ever had down here. Usually I fear for my life, but this guy was a great driver.

It’s the first time I’ve been in a 5-speed in ages, and I couldn’t get over how long he could go in each gear. I had grown so used to the constant shifting in the FoST (that auto drivers notice because I’m shifting so much) that I forgot how effortless it could be.

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