I was proud of myself and my new commitment to cardiovascular health that I did not freak out. Not one F-bomb, just a quiet, “Aw, shit.”

I have been working on the Vespa today, and I finally got the bracket for the engine mount unhooked so it would swing out of the way to give me access to the broken stud for the exhaust gasket.

You can see the hole I drilled for the extractor. I left the bike for a minute to start the pool for my 14 year old son, and when I returned, the bike had fallen off the lift. No major damage, but a wire broke to a part I cannot identify. Anyone know what this is?


It goes where I am holding it; you can see where the insulation is clean from being inside that rubber sleeve. I am not upset, which is good, though I have no one but myself to blame for not securing the bike better. Hell, I might have broken it wrestling that bracket out of the way.


I just feel like I am being challenged to fix the damn thing.