Son of a bitch

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A group A 242 for your time.

So I fired up the girlfriend's car ( 1992 Volvo 240) on Saturday morning and it sounded awful. Like all of the belts had gone bad simultaneously, and the sound wouldn't go away. After driving for a few blocks, I decided to stop the car and check the issue out.


With the ignition off and they key out, a whirring/ buzzing sound continued emanating from the engine bay. I eventually realized it was the starter. It wouldn't turn off.

So as we sat in the parking lot of our local BP, I listened to the starter drain the battery completely. We called AAA and had the car delivered to our normal shop, who were closed for the memorial day weekend. They still haven't called back, and I'm dreading the moment when they finally do.


So, oppo, what's the likelihood that I need a new starter ? How about a new flywheel (it's manual)?

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