See this little spot in my center console? That black tray lifts up, and I used to keep some emergency cash there.

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I I say used to because as you can see it’s gone now. I had my car parked outside of my work, unlocked and some punk took the 60 bucks I had in there.

The good news is it was unlocked. Two other cars were forcibly broken into. Causing damage on top of having property stolen. The even better news is it was all caught on tape. The kid that did it lives a few block up, we all know him. I have delivered to his house several times.


I didn’t even notice until I get home, and saw the black plastic tray sitting in the passenger seat. I probably wouldn’t have noticed for months if he’d put it back.

It’s no coincidence that all the public schools are out for thanks giving vacation. Bored unattended teenagers do stupid things. Little shit head. 

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