Song Showdown request week rolls on!

If you like a good old fashioned blowout then Friday’s Showdown was your Ticket To Ride. Two rock legends went up against each other, but it wasn’t even close. Chuck Berry earned four times the votes of Hendrix, easily defending his legendary song Johnny B Goode. Honestly I expected Chuck to take it, but I thought the voting would be closer purely on the merits of Jimi’s shredding.

Based on the weather forecast it looks like summer might be coming early (at least to the Northeast), so it seems appropriate that our next song is the Don Henley hit “Boys of Summer.” Two fun facts before we kick off the voting:
1) Don supposedly got the beat from walking in on a recording of Pat Benetar’s “Love Is A Battlefield” when they were toying with alternate beats.
2) There’s one key lyrical difference between Don’s original and the Ataris cover. Don sees a Deadhead sticker on a Cadillac, while the Ataris see a Black Flag sticker.

Don Henley - (1984)

The Ataris - (2003)


(Side note, I’m earning my obscure reference bonus points on this one).

If you haven’t weighed in on what songs to use off RATM’s Renegades album, be sure to get in on that now.


And speaking of good old fashioned blowouts, there’s still a day left in the voting between Pink Floyd and Pearl Jam