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I love it when I can find two images that compliment each other perfectly.

Laddies and mentalgen, welcome to Rage week. This week we’re going through the five most popular tracks from Rage Against the Machine’s Renegades album. And it kicks off with the #5 pick, the Rolling Stones hit “Street Fighting Man.”


There’s a reason Rage decided to cover Street Fighting Man” instead of a different Stones song. The song is the Stones’ most political piece, largely written about Pakistani writer and activist Tariq Ali, an anti-war rally at London’s US embassy in 1968, and student rioters in Paris’ Left Bank. Subjectively it’s definitely a Rage kind of song, but did they do it better?

The Rolling Stones - (1968)

Rage Against the Machine - (2000)


Two hours left in the very close battle between Depeche Mode and Johnny Cash


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