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Soooo... turns out I derped when I should have herped and as a result the poll for this round closed two days sooner than it was supposed to. Oops. I have now rectified this.


Finally I get to use the official music videos for both songs!

It’s day four of Renegades week, and this time we’re looking at what’s more or less the title track of the album, Afrika Bambaataa’s electrofunk song “Renegades of Funk.” The original was a politically fused track, drawing a connection between past revolutionaries and present (at the time of the song’s release) street artists. Rage, unsurprisingly, took it a step further in their music video, using stock footage from the Civil Rights movement and also paying tribute to a number of musical pioneers, from James Brown and George Clinton to Run-D.M.C. and the Beastie Boys.


Afrika Bambaataa - (1983)

Rage Against the Machine - (2000)


Rage battle #2 ends at 3 PM, Rage battle #3 ends tomorrow……

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