So that universal shifter adapter I bought last week worked as well as expected, it didn’t! On top of that it damaged the shifter rod. See BMW in its infinite wisdom thought a threaded rod is too basic for their cars and came up with a stupider way to do it. Part of the system is a groove on top of the rod, and tongue on the knob that stops it from turning. Like this

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Well because of the way the adapter clamped to the rod it actually closed up that groove abit. Which ment the knob wouldn’t go on. In MY infinite winsome I tried to hit it on with a mallet. And this happened.

Illustration for article titled Sonofabish

II ended up using a flat file to pry the groove back open and did get it back on. Good news is that replacement e90 shift knobs are cheap.

It’s still blows my mind that no one makes a reasonably price adapter for BMWs to a threaded knob. Pisses me off. Also short throw kits for this car are not cheap either. Imma go buy a Honda 

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