So about his time last year a big dump truck’s tire flew a rock at my wife’s car and busted the windshield, like no “It’s not that bad I’ll drive it till it gets worse.” No like cracks spiderwebbed over most of the driver’s side.

Well this afternoon driving home from Rochester Mn, a rock flew off a dump truck and hit her car again. Leaving us this little present.

That’s a dent,not just a scratch and what you’re seeing there is raw metal. Fuuuuuuuuuuuu...... I sent my wife a few picks of it, we have to talk about it but I’m thinking I’m just gonna call Progressive right away. We’ve got full coverage on this car for a reason. I’m sure as hell not gonna let rust get in there.


EDIT: talked to Progressive they're sending an adjuster out tomorrow ... Yay...