Illustration for article titled Sonofabitch. Firebird update.

Background: It ran! For the past two weeks I’ve been starting it 3x per week, backing into the driveway, idling for 15-20min, then pulling back into the garage. Last weekend I took it out for the first time. Drove about 1.5 miles to the gas station, filled up with the top octane gas, drove across the parking lot to Kroger, then drove home. Absolutely no issues. Three hours later I went to drive it to dinner, no start.


A close inspection revealed a vacuum line that had essentially disintegrated. I replaced that line, but while I’m sure the other lines aren’t 100% they at least appear intact.

Air Canister lid off, wife pumping the pedal, gas is spraying into the carb. It’s getting fuel.


Pulled a plug wire last night, connected a spare plug and grounded to the chassis. Confirmed I’m getting spark.

Put a jumper on the diagnostic for the check engine light to look for codes. Repeats code 12 endlessly, no other codes.


This is driving me batty. It worked, and then didn’t. It never died on me, it just wouldn’t turn back on. I’m getting air/fuel/spark, I think. But it’s not even trying to start.

Maybe filling the tank loosened debris? Maybe that debris clogged the carb? That’s about all I can think of now, gas going to the carb but not getting through to combustion. But why would that happen after I park and not while driving? Ugh.

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