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Sonoma Bracket Drags today....

Pretty fun way to blow $15. Or $40 if you feel like racing. All kinds of cars and all kinds of classes.


I had a dragster backfire while doing the warm up burnout about 20' away. You know how loud a backfire is on a normal car? Same deal except it’s a dragster so it’s about the loudest goddamn thing already before the backfire. Sounded how I would imagine a 50 caliber round might sound coming out of the barrel at the same distance. It’s been hours and I’m still ringing.

Also, big props to Sonoma Raceway for offering the chance for high school kids to drag race against police officers in squad cars. They didn’t have that today but I think it’s one of the coolest community outreach gestures ever. Back when I was 17 finding out if you were faster than a police car involved a hell of a lot more risk.

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