I wasn’t joking earlier with that AE86 Initial-D-parody fox body. I might soon be trading a couple hundred dollars and some photography work for this 1986 V6 automatic notchback to replace my girlfriend’s literally-rusting-in-half 1993 Honda Civic. She hates yellow, so we’re going to get some primer flat white and make a car that will make sense to nobody. The stock powertrain is in pretty good shape, though the driver’s window has been busted out and the heater core is busted (already bypassed), a couple trips to a local junk yard can sort that out quick enough. Hopefully the 3.8 mill will prove reliable enough to get her back and forth to school this summer (and an autocross or two) until she saves up enough for something a bit more modern. With airbags.

Having money is overrated. Fuck it. Also RIP my old Civic ;_;