As Kotaku are reporting, Disney are shutting down LucasArts.

This is for me the best thing that was associated with the Lucas name. The studio developed such an awesome (mostly PC)games, such as:Monkey Island, Grim Fantango, Full Throttle, Sam and Max. A lot of great Star Wars games, that are better then the films like, X-Wing vs. Tie Fighter, the best Star Wars character ever, in the form of Kyle Katarn in the Dark Forces/Jedi Knight series and some other that were not so good. As a gamer I am going to cry, no really, I think I lost all my manliness in just one second, I know the company hasn't made something great in a while and this is was to be expected with Disney as an owner, but still it is very sad. Now I a going to install Full Throttle and try to regain my manliness with the help of Ben.