While working on my car last weekend, my wife came home, so I packed up shop and and rushed in to be with her (cause I'm a good person, and she has a little person growing in her) Any who, so I went to my day job of not being a idiot who talks into a mic, and the car was making a noise like it was flat, coming from the tire I worked on last. So I get out check the tire by hand, all seems well,

go work for 8 hours;

drive home, Hmm, still sounds funny. Get home bust out tool box, get ready to jack car back up, put tire iron on to take off bolts, and.... they are ALL LOOSE!
Oh my lord, could have maybe died or worst.

SO psa time fellows, check your lug nuts/studs or what ever your vehicle has at least twice before you drive off like an idiot.


On a side note its a Volvo V70R with a nice oppo sticker on back, would have been a shame to bust it up.