About 4 weeks ago, the driver of a mid-sized SUV hit me and ran me off the road, over a curb, and through a brick flowerbed in my Imola Red E46 M3. It was a car that I had gotten just barely over two weeks before. The other driver fled the scene, leaving some white paint and 20 year-old me looking like a tool with a wrecked sports car, standing in a parking lot in my cammies. After two weeks of wrestling with Insurance adjusters, it was time to go out and find another car. I'm sure some of you will shout "go buy a beater or something slow" because 20 year olds like me are foolish and irresponsible, but that's not what happened. After 2 weeks of searching and taking cars through pre-purchase inspections, I found an M3 that I thought was suitable to purchase. The culprit is a 2004 Alpine White coupe with immactulately clean cinnamon interior, and some tasteful OEM+ modifications. The kicker though:it's an SMG. Fortunately, the car had been babied to 58000 miles, with all the maintenance records included. I pulled the trigger and purchased the car this past Thursday.

Though the original Cinnamon interior was very clean, I've always had a soft spot for BMW's rich Imola Red interior. Fortunately, this was easy to obtain since I had retained my salvaged M3 from the insurance so it was readily available. I installed the interior, and have been slowly using the money from the part out to clean up the car, and modify it without making it completely vulgar. I'm aware, the ride height needs dialing in, but don't think that just because it looks pretty means that it isn't as functional as it was intended to be. Hopefully I'll be able to update from time to time, but for now, here is how she sits.


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