My friend and I went out to a secret location, which I later realized would make the perfect spot for a secret car meet, to test out his new Canon 6D in night conditions. Me with my crustacean period D200 tried to compete keep up. For example, my shot:

That was at f2.2, 5seconds, 100ISO..

His shot. He was at an ISO my camera didnt even have, and at a shutter speed of 1/80 or more, at f1.4.

The biggest thing here is the lens. His canon 1.4 is just incredible. The lens produces images beyond comparison to my 1.8 nikon. All i know is Canon will most likely be my next ship. Also have to keep in mind, that both of our lenses were 50mm primes, mine is a crop so its like 75. His has a tiny teeny crop to like 53mm...


This was taken black and white in camera, not done during post. and the rest of these are mine, the lead image was the only good comparison we ended up getting.

last shot of me creepin...


Its really hard to compensate for the terrible yellow street lights. Makes the night shooting terrible.