I don’t get it. Last night there was an article on FP about how Faraday’s newest promo vid makes 0-60 runs look like drag races between the new FF mule and other vehicles. It wasn’t the best article and went too in depth but JEEZE there were so many FF defenders on there! I didn’t know a company with hundreds of millions of dollars behind it needed to be defended so vehemently in dishonest advertising....I mean, god forbid they actually *show* a 0-60 pull without any edits in it.

Seriously, watch the video and let me know where there’s more then two seconds of car movement before it cuts to another camera.

I honestly haven’t seen that level of front page defense of a deceitful (at best) company since Elio......And the Elio is at least a smaller idea and a car many people can afford and would buy if it comes out. And these are the same people who shit on Tesla and yell at Jalopnik for being to nice to them......I don’t get it.


Am I missing somethign about Faraday Future here? Is their video actually impressive to people? It’s nice, and well edited. But it seems like it says nothing to me.

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