What’s with this bullshit that you have more of a say over the driver’s car and their safety and they shouldn’t be allowed to have recording devices? I honestly see no issue with this if the passenger is behaving themselves.

God damn millennials and their sense of entitlement. I didn’t know it was a life hack to demand someone protect themselves, and then give that driver a bad rating because they refuse to turn off their cameras.

When I take my car into the dealership I put a sign in it that says by operating my vehicle they consent to being recorded, and they do not have permission to disable my cameras. I do this because California is a two party consent state, so I must give that notice. I haven’t had an issue, but if I did, I would not want that tech working on my car. I’d be highly suspicious of anyone who refuses to allow a dash cam to record while the vehicle is in operation.

I know Lifehackers argument was prompted by people recoding riders in secret and streaming it. Obviously I condemn that. My argument is for drivers recoding passenger compartments for the drivers safety (and the passengers too). But even in states that don’t require consent from both parties, there should still be a sign in the car.