Sorry for so many posts, but I have to tell you a story and it is very early and I am bored

I was called a racist yesterday. Apparently, I hate Mexicans. I was somewhat taken aback by the news, and had to listen to a little music to even out my emotions.

I was invited to speak at an upcoming conference. Apparently, and to the embarrassment of the organization holding the conference, a major sponsor who wanted me there so they could meet me and retain me was told by their lawyer that I am a racist who hates Mexicans. So now they don’t want me there. The best part is that they asked if they could have one of my other attorneys because they still want the presentation and they still want to hire the firm. Yes, they also still want to slap my logo all over the place for marketing.🙄


I was discussing this with the attorney who will be presenting (a 50 year old Mexican woman who worked her way from secretary to lawyer, daughter of a farm worker who snuck her infant daughters across the border, who I hired because I am a bigot) and she showed me her texts with the conference organizer. He told her he had been to my office, and for a guy who hates Mexicans I seem to hire and do business with them a lot. I laughed.

When I told my wife, she said, “They should go to your old firm. Your partners only wanted to hire pretty little blond girls so they could harass them.


Don’t fuck with Mrs. IM. She doesn’t play around.

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