WARNING! Lots of venting after the jump! If you would rather not read that then please enjoy this beautiful Rolls Royce Phantom!

So I logged into facebook today to find these two wonderful things.

Now I myself am not gay, however I have several friends who are gay and it pisses me off to no end that some fucking straight white people are on facebook talking about this shit! I have sat by one of my friends as they have cried their eyes out about being disowned by their own families because they just so happen to like someone of the same gender! Yeah black people had to deal with a lot more shit but that doesn't mean that gay people don't have to deal with a good bit of shit as well and a fucking straight white person should not fucking degrade their struggle for acceptance like that. This entire thing is fucking bullshit. I don't care what kind of religion you hide behind! This shit is hurtful and wrong!