Sorry I’ve been away everybody! Worked the last two weeks straight on the road, going from Ohio all the way to Massachusetts and everywhere in between. Work has been nuts and life has been wild.

Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, time for what you guys actually may care about; car content.

As many of you may remember, my buddy Casey has a 1999 Eclipse GSX that is super clean, but we had to swap motors because his was using oil like mad. We hit some serious snags along the way and found the one rust spot in the entire car. Unfortunately that spot was the core support and had to be cut out and welded back into place. Unlike Tavarish with his welding Jedi, we only have 110 power.


We have a welding Jedi in Nathan, but unfortunately we had to do some gasless welding. It came out really well in the end, but we had hit a wiring harness with the cutoff wheel and severed some wires in the harness. This comes into play.

We got the front mount intercooler plumbed and everything fully buttoned up. We go to first start the car and nothing. It cranks but no fuel and no spark. Upon some diagnostic work we had found the ecu was not being kicked on. However, all of the idiot lights on the dash were illuminated even with the key removed.

As it turns out, we had repaired the damaged wiring incorrectly. I’d left for work and got the news a few days later that Nathan (being the bad ass that he is) did some prying and wired everything correctly. The car fired up and was running perfectly, aside from the transmission pan leaking. We need to redo the pan gasket, but that gasket was made my me while heavily intoxicated. However, the oil pan gasket for the engine seems great in other news.

So we need to fix a pan gasket, cut the front bumper for the intercooler and he will finally get to drive his car home. Many nights in the garage freezing our asses off have truly paid off, and Casey has a gorgeous 2G AWD to show for it.


However, sitting did my 1G DSM some damage. It needs all new brake calipers and everything in between. I took the car for a drive and it has zero brakes. They were shoddy before, but they’re just toast now. On a funny note, I did launch the car for my buddy and managed to hit him with the rear view mirror when it came flying off. Needless to say, the 1G launches very hard (haha) and violent.

The Mirage has matured into a first oil change under my ownership. Since I’ve had it, it’s turned 3500 trouble free miles and averaged 47 miles per gallon. I’ve taken it to Indianapolis, Cleveland, and a few weeks ago the girlfriend and I took it to the Ohio Coastal Highway and spent the weekend in Marblehead.


Mitsubishi is life!

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