I no longer lust for a hot hatchback, nor a stick shift, nor the most track-prepped suspension setup. Yes, station wagons are still great, but I need something that's actually practical. By the time I can buy a new car in 3 years we'll have kids and I'll hate myself for driving anything that resembles my old Subaru. I want something that I can take kids in and out of with ease and without increasing the world's demand of chiropractors. Sure, I can cut my commute time down by about 3 minutes if I had something really fast, but I know my ass will certainly appreciate 3 minutes of extra comfort and my boss will appreciate me not getting all sweaty from race-mode. Not to mention I won't be tempted to buy a 3" exhaust and wake the neighbors in the morning. Gas mileage is important to me and with the new diesels that Jeep offers, you can get 25 mpg from a Grand Cherokee... my 13 year old Subaru that could fit in the backseat of said Jeep can only muster 25 mpg. Yes yes yes, car payments suck. I hear you loud and clear, but when my car dies I'll be that guy everybody on this site criticizes for driving a big SUV instead of a V70R.

Jalopnik, you've lost me. Call me a drone, call me a sellout, but maybe when I have the discretionary income for a sunday driver I'll come back to my sensibilities and get a little 2-seater. But for now I need practicality. My flamesuit is on, but I'm out.