If your Ford had a Matthew McConaughey, it would be a Lincoln

Sorry, Lincoln

This is there Lincoln screwed up with the new Continental. When I think “luxury” this is the first thing to come to mind. 6.75L V12 making 435hp. 5620lbs of excess. Two doors that open backwards. A hood longer than the extent of the US national deficit. A blunt face with a hood ornament that says “Get out of my way or I will run you over and have you assassinated in the hospital”. And just look at this interior.


Wood. Real wood. Leather everywhere. Brushed metal. No stupid infotainment displays. Elegance. This is what America needed from Lincoln. A truly world-class luxury car that gives no shits about economy, or handling, or speed. Just a wasteful, large car that is priced at a point that punches way above its weight class, much in the way the Corvette does in the world of supercars. Lincoln needed to make the modern version of this:

And instead we get, essentially, a modern version of this:


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