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Sorry Oppo, But I Gotta Rant About Mustangs Again...

This time I have a legit reason to complain...

Don't get me wrong again; I like Mustangs, I love muscle cars and I especially love the sound of a revving V8 or any big-block motor. But as with going to the restroom, there's a time and place for everything, and it sure as hell isn't after midnight!


You see THAT Mustang above? Some kid on my campus owns this GT. I'm not sure if he bought it himself(doubt it) or if his parents bought it for him(most likely) but it's quite the looker! The silver looks brilliant in the lights of the parking lot; but that's the only good thing I'll say about it and it's driver...

I think it's okay to do night driving or cruises; you get your mind off things and no one is on the roads so you don't have to worry about AssHat drivers much. But it is NOT okay to drive past my dorm and downshift as you drive by EVERY FUCKING NIGHT OF THE WEEK! He does this at around midnight every weekday and it pisses me off!

You may have a big V8, but let me tell you something you little shit:


No one gives a shit about your fucking Mustang GT! Who the hell are you trying to impress this early in the morning?? We're all trying to sleep dammit and the fact that I've git midterms this week doesn't help either.

This is one of the primary reasons I tend to hate Mustang drivers and I'm now gonna list why, and it'll actually make sense!


1. Attainability-Let's be honest people, anyone and their mother can afford a mustang; be it a V6 or a V8, you can easily go out and drop between $3-10k on a used SN-95 or 197 Mustang and hoon about all you like. If you've got parents and they know you like cars, this is a possible "good" idea because you can get so much car for a low price!


2. Cost-Power Ratio-Essentially this means how much power you get for the cost of the car. Seeing as you can get so much car for a low price, you can easily find a 300-400hp Mustang for dirt cheap; almost close to the price of a used 2nd gen. Focus or SVT....


3. Sheer Stupidity-When you're out and about, hooning with your buddies and destroying the ricer menace, that's ll good and fun; but when someone tells you to do a burnout or drift, or someone pulls out a camera, the show-off(read as "do something stupid") part of our brain kicks in and something stupid like this will happen:

I just don't understand why some(not all) Mustang drivers feel the urge to show off a car that can hardly be called impressive anymore. We've all seen the Mustang more than once in our lives, it's not anything new, and yet, to me, when I see a Mustang and it's driver get ready to do something stupid that we all know will end with the driver wrapping it around a tree or lamp post, I wonder, what the hell compelled them to do that and what the hell made them think it was a good idea?


Now I'll say it this time, not all Mustang drivers are AssHats or stupid drivers; hell, a few of you on here have proven me wrong about the stereotype, but that doesn't change the fact(or if it does, very little) that this is the reality of the situation.

That is all, my second Mustang rant is over, have a good night Oppo. I've gotta keep studying....Oh wait, here comes that Mustang now..... DAMMIT!!

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