Personal stuff...well not in replies but not in headline. Is that good enough?

Welp oppo, I think I'll be even scarcer around here for awhile. I'm scheduled for surgery on the 22nd to get the rods taken out of my upper back. The original injury I "sustained a thoracic spinal cord injury which required stabilization, decompression, and fusion from T2-5" and now the docs think something is potentially pinching, or I have damaged nerve roots in my spinal cord....the problem is, there's so much metal in my back, they can't see anything due to "metal artificat" in imaging.

Anyways, between that and continued problems in my marriage, I don't know how much I'll be around. I guess I hope for y'all's well wishes cause I don't have much of my own. Kinda hope I don't wake up from the surgery. I know that sounds dramatic, but it's just honestly how I feel. Not suicidal, just don't care. My life since April 21 has been nothing but shit. 


But you guys and gals, you have been a big help and for that I wanted to take a break from the Oppocalypse and say thanks for welcoming me here and providing a break from my reality. \m/ Horns Up! \m/

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