My dad put these engines and parts in storage in my grandparents barn sometime in the 80s. They haven't seen light since. Here are some pics. He's pretty sure the V8s are out of corvettes but I can't confirm because I can't find the numbers I want. I have a picture of the end of the head on one if any of you know the casting differences (humps etc). Is it sad I don't know if there are three or four V8s... The I6 came out of a Malibu he made into a custom Chevelle (shaved handles and other minor things). He said it ran perfect when pulled. It is complete, and hasn't been touched or had any water near it for 30 years. I want to get it running without buying many parts, it can't be too hard can it? A one barrel carb has to be easier to work with than a Qjet.

Oh and he had a mint condition 64 impala SS doghouse but it got stolen along with our parts car MGB last year by scrapers.