No, it never sold. About 5 weeks on the market in, I dropped my price from a lofty $1200 to $1000, then down to $900, finally $800. The most someone offered was $700. I could part out the interior for $700 and still have a runner to drive to the scrap yard. No thanks. So, I’ve pulled it from Facebook and Craigslist.

I’ve been driving it the last few days. Here’s a summary of what I know it needs for sure:

-Control arm bushing. They are press fit so I ordered new arms that have bushings and ball joints installed.


-Sway bar end links and bushings- I’ll do it the same time as control arms.

-CEL is on for SAI pump. I’ll delete it and use a chip to delete the circuit.

-Interior needs a deep cleaning... still. Yeah, I haven’t done that yet. I honest to God forgot I owned this car for a few weeks there since it was parked down the street... Oops.

-Seat rail guide needs out back on- the seat rocks in the bracket right now. Bugs me a bit but it’s fine.

-Reconnect occupancy sensor so the airbag light turns off

-Shift bushing- the shift box needs dropped for this but it’s above the catalytic converter so I’ll do it the same time as


-Exhaust- sounds rattly and loud as hell right now

-Fix trunk latch- unknown issue. The trunk light kept staying on forever as a result, draining the battery. I just unplugged the lamp so it’s no longer an issue.


And a few other odds and ends. Now, what have I done?

-New axle (stub axle had broken bolts, like they’d been overtorqued)

-New tires

-Replaced fuel pump

-Removed crap window tint and stickers last night

-Vaccuumed interior out. I really need to clean it better.

Also needed is rust control. If I keep this long term I intend to patch or fill the rusted rockers and clean up rust spots. Guess this is how I learn paint.


Having put about 300 miles on it this week, I have discovered what the car is good at:

1. Burnouts

2 That’s it

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