So, I just heard that a car crash happened right in front of my (parents’) house on Saturday evening. Someone crashed his/her car into a tree across the road from my house, hitting it that hard that the car was unable to drive off. The weird thing is that my brother and I were both sitting on the couch in the living room (which is about 7 meters from the street, and 15 meters from the accident) didn’t notice a thing, even though the Police and a tow truck have been there, and we kinda always notice everything, since we live in a quite small town. We didn’t hear anything, no squealing of tires, no crash, nothing.

The thing that however bothers me most, since I can’t really be bothered with someones car being scrapped (as long as it is not a rare car), is that people are driving way to hard in our street. Our street is a residential street, with a speed limit of 30 km/h, around 4 meters wide and some mean S bends, which would be more fitting on a race track and are partially blind due to trees and houses.

However nobody drives the speed limit, and due to this speeding cars go through the S bends with approx 40-50-ish km/h which is doable, but means you have to drive in the lane of oncoming traffic. This often causes dangerous situations, in these bends, and we just happen to live in one of these S-bends, the one in the picture. So if one of these people looses control, due to shitty skills, or due to having to steer out of the way of oncoming traffic, there is a chance they end up in our front law, and guess who parks his car there? Yep, I do, so if people oversteer coming into the direction of my house they can crash into my car. The chances are slim, I know that, but this is what someone managed to do in the other S bend:


He just missed the Golf by the way, and only took out a street lantern, a cable TV distribution point and a few hedges.

Meanwhile all our municipality is considering is making the car a bicycle zone, which means cars may drive there, but only if necessary and the bicycles always are the main users. While this may be safer, it is not sure this will eliminate the speeding, so I’ll see what happens, as long as the situation improves, I’m fine with it. Somebody got a good idea for a solution?