Work in progress. Some got sorted in the living room and then sorted again in the office. There are a number of different categories:

Screwy things

Pokey things

Cutty things

Wrenchy things

Allen things

Bitty things

Smol things

Firey things

Lighty things

Pliery things


some are a bit rusty and need to be cleaned up. That’ll come next after the sorting and storing. I’ve had this toolbox for years and love it. I saw a new one at a store about a decade ago and wanted to buy it but I was broke. The middle drawer doesn’t latch properly thanks to an old classmate back in the ‘80s - he wasn’t a thinker and just applied brute force to everything including my toolbox. He’s the one that was doing a rebuild on the 350 in his mom’s wagon and didn’t line things up properly and bored right into the water jacket.


This whole project started because I was trying to find a couple of special security bits to open up some DVRs, but so far, after digging through what I thought was almost all of my tools, I still haven’t found those damn things...

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