Sound advice solicited

I’m going to install a sub in the Cruiser. The sound from the Ancient but serviceable Pioneer AVIC head and stock speakers is...fine, its fine. But the bass from the thin 6.5 inch speakers in the door (the biggest speakers in the vehicle) are...poor. The vehicle came with 9 speakers from the factory (2 in the front doors, 2 tweeters the knees with low pass from the mains, 2 in the middle doors, 2 tweeters with low pass from the middle speakers on the ceiling and a hilariously undersized free air “sub” -6 inches- pushing a mighty 50 watts in the rear kick panel. It hasn’t worked since I’ve had it due to the upgraded head unit and it being torn to shreds.

The unmitigated power!

Normally I don’t care too much about this kind of stuff but every time I drive the GX with its Mark Levinson Reference system I get kinda jelly. I realize its not the most excellent system in the world and some people hate it but it has excellent bass response from the single sub in the rear kick and that’s all im really after here. SOMETHING that can resolve frequencies bellow 80 hz with any clarity or power.


I bought this to help with with that goal.

Not mine, but the same bracket.

It goes in the stock location and is meant for one of these self powered underseat boxes. Yeah I realize they aren’t going to knock me out of my seat but I’m giving up ZERO cargo space for sound.


So the question...what brands or units would you recommend. Obviously this Rockford Fosgate Punch 8 fits great. I’ve also seen Kicker 8 inch and Cirwin-Vega 10 inchers in there too.


My head unit has pre-amp out for a sub. Im looking for most reliable and response over outright power.


Anyone have experience or suggestions?

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