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Sound of a dead starter? (Updated: it was the battery)

What sound does a dead starter make? Mrs. BaconSandwich when to drive our 2008 Sienna somewhere, and it won’t start. Makes a rapid clicking noise. Other things in the car have power. Tried boosting it, but that didn’t help - makes the same rapid clicking noise.

EDIT: Sounds identical to this:

I’m guessing the battery might be dead. Supposedly the neighbor told my wife that our lights were on - one of the kids had somehow turned on the hazard lights for who knows how long.

EDIT 2: Wife brought over the in-laws car and was able to jump start it with no issue. I’m guessing my car’s terminals were too dirty/corroded.

EDIT 3: I’m thinking of picking up one of those jump starter battery pack things.  Anyone have any strong recommendations?


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