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Sounding Board: Buick Regal Sportback

I’m currently mulling the thought of getting a new car. It’s more like 50/50. The thought is in my head with no prudent action but I am looking in the future and making sure my vehicle choice will be sustainable (I’m a high-mile, long-term owner)


Current car is 2015 Durango Blacktop AWD. I adore it and it’s so comfortable. I bought it with 45,000, it’s closing onto 77,000 miles and it has just been a year. I’m a single guy who does carpentry for fun, travel, 600 miles a week and I’m an essential government (state, not Federal) so weather be damned, I have to be there.

I have started to notice the Regal Sportback because it’s a thing rarely seen and it has a lot of nifty features such as the SPORTBACK BRO! The rebates on these things are getting juicy. I could get into a brand new one for about 20-23k.


BUT...I’m also terrified of getting that “replaced my car” regret where you regretted getting rid of your car for the next car. The last two times were out of my control (aka two people totaled my two Saabs).

TL;DR I’m thinking about the Regal but I don’t know if I want to get rid of my Durango. Halp?

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