I have an intermittent grind that sounds like it is coming from my driver side front. It is a quiet metallic grid... almost like a metal coat hanger is rubbing my wheel. It started out yesterday being only when I turned hard-left. Today on my way home it was constant so I pulled into a gas station and yanked on my dust covers. I couldn't see anything rubbing so I went on my way... without any noise. Then I made a hard left and the noise returned but only when turning. If at any time I hit the brakes, the noise stops. I'm guessing(hoping) this is a dust cover problem and nothing else. Anyway, when I got home I crawled under my car and found this. I don't think this is my noise, but should I lube it? I'm planning on listing this car very soon and don't want to tear my suspension apart before hand. This isn't unsafe is it?