So I basically spent the week on A1A in Fort Lauderdale, where all of the cars are, and took almost zero pictures because lazy and vacation. But I did take note of the sounds they made (heavily influenced by how hard they were being driven) and here are the rankings:

1: an early W212 E63 that I saw today. Loud AF, pops and farts on the overrun, the whole nine yards. Clearly not stock but jeez.

2: Lamborghini Huracan. I hate these cars, but damn they sound glorious.

3: the one Mustang GT350 that I saw. It wasn’t being pushed all that hard but man the Voodoo sounds great

4: all of the Maserati two doors. Fun Fact: 125% of all the Maserati coupes and convertibles ever made are in South Florida

5: the 465 Camero V8s I saw


999: Tesla Model 3

1000:  Ferrari 458/488 - I saw about 5 of these. Did you know that this Ferrari model is not equipped with a throttle pedal, and has a minimum age requirement of 75 to purchase one? I learned that this week.