Oppo member, Ryan McElveen shared his interactions with Robert Berry and Eurohaus Motorsports as well. Echoing much of my own experience with him.

So I thought I would offer my own transcript of my communication with Robert. I will leave out my personal opinion of the man and just share the facts. He has had my 1968 Mercedes 250 SL now for over 18 months for an engine rebuilt. Court Date is set for Aug 5

2/23/14 – 1968 Mercedes Benz 250 SL dropped off. I was told that a total engine rebuild would take 3 weeks at a total cost of $4,500.

2/24/14 – Deposited $3,000 upfront for Robert to do the work

3/19/14 – work not started. Claims he’s been backed up

4/2/14 – Engine broken down and in pieces in the shop (personal observation)

Robert claims he’s waiting for a part from Buds Benz before he can start

4/02/14 – Buds Benz has no record of Robert ordering parts

4/09/14 – Robert claims he will start back on my car next week. The part he ordered from Buds Benz is “being delivered by UPS” —— Buds Benz still has no record of any order from Robert.

4/21/14 – Called Robert with no return phone call

4/24/14 – Called again with no return call

4/29/14 – Told that car would be “back on his schedule” next week and could be done in just a few days after that

5/12/14 – Told that engine has been sent to a machine shop to have the valves reworked

5/26/14 – called with no return call

5/30/14 – told that the engine still at machine shop (Robert refuses to tell me which shop)

6/11/14 – Engine “still at machine shop”

6/27/14 – Called with no return phone call

7/09/14 – Robert says he has been sick and has not been working

7/25/14 – I receive a call from a former employee of Roberts’ that tells me that my car is not being worked on, that the engine never went to a machine shop and that he has not touched my car since march

8/20/14 – after travelling for business for two weeks I return and visit the shop where I see that my car has not moved nor been touched since April.

8/22/14 – Robert says he needs to send the body off to a body shop to have the engine compartment refinished

9/10/14 – Robert says “his body shop guy has been out sick, has been travelling and I hear of a story where Robert has evidently shot himself in the leg with his own gun and has not been working. I do not know what story if any to believe.

10/21/14 – I inform Robert that I will be picking up my car and that I do not want him working on it anymore. He informs me that he now has a mechanics lien on my car and that he will NOT tell me where the engine or the body of the car is located.

10/22/14 – Robert contacts me to call him at which time he apologizes and promises to start work immediately on my car

10/24/14 – Im told that the body shop is sanding the car, that Robert is finishing up on a Porsche engine and that my engine would be next

11/3/14 – told that parts were being ordered that engine would be ready when body got back from the body shop.

11/07/14 – told that Robert has been out with the flu

11/11/14 – told that work would begin on 11/13/14

11/13/14 – work not started

11/24/14 – told that car was being painted

12/09/14 – work still not started

12/15 14 - car still not back and engine still not started

12/17/14 – told that Body shop guy has been in the hospital

12/29/14 – told that body shop work was done and that Robert would be picking up the car that day. Called Buds Benz. Parts have never been ordered and they have never heard of Robert Berry or Eurohaus Motors.

1/16/15 – car picked up and brought back to Roberts shop, Engine still not started

2/03/15 – Told that the fire wall was “being put back together”……. It wasn’t

2/09/15 – told that “parts were being cleaned for reassembly”

2/19/15 - told that parts are being prepped

2/20/09 – told that the snow has kept them from working this week

2/25/09 – Robert ordered piston rings from Buds. Buds sent wrong rings and had the new ones to him 4 days later. When I spoke to buds they said they thought it was odd that he was rebuilding my engine and yet the only parts ordered were a set of piston rings. A rebuild requires many dozens of parts.

3/19/15 – Told that the car would be back on his schedule next week

3/27/15 – told that the engine would be installed on 4/01/15.

4/09/15 – Visited the shop where I found all the pieces of the engine completely removed from block. Engine has not even begun to be rebuilt.

4/23/15 – Texted for an update with no response

4/28/15 – texted for an update with no response

4/29/15 – texted for an update

4/30/15 – Robert says he is still waiting on parts

5/08/15 – Robert says parts are in and that he will begin work on it “the first of next week”

5/08/15 – Texted Robert to confirm that the car would be completed the week of 5/11/15 with no relpy

5/20/15 – went to Robert’s shop with a tow vehicle and two sheriffs deputies (PTL. T. Cook and PTL. M. Lawson) with the intention of retrieving my property. Robert refused to return my car or any of it’s parts to me even after the sheriff asked him to be reasonable. He stated that I would need to sue him to get my car back before he was finished with it. He told Officer Cook that my car would be completed next week.

5/20/15 – Civil case filed in Knox county General Sessions Court – Civil Division. Docket # 55259H

6/09/15 – 1968 Mercedes Benz 250 SL still held hostage at Eurohaus Motorsports owned by Robert Berry at 10219 Upper Ridge Way Knoxville, TN 37932

A damn shame this is still going on there. I hope one of the 2 or 3 lawsuits currently against him stick.