Via, some dude on Saturday night (you know, when it was still blizzarding) decided to throw an old mattress under his wheels for traction to set multiple cars on fire:

So yeah, that did not go well. While some streets have 3-4 feet of snow in them with nowhere to put this much snow, others apparently have burned-out cars to contend with.

Also of note, because Philly, “a man ... leaned out from a second-story window Sunday to complain that the street had not been touched by a city plow.” Of course he did. I imagine it started with “AY YO ARE YOU THE INQUIRER?!” (pronounced “inkwire”)

Meanwhile, the PPD is just trolling the shit out of space-savers,

...which will likely be a hilarious crisis in the coming weeks. If you don’t know what space-saving is, its the proud tradition of using household items to claim a shoveled out parking spot, as explained by this mildly racist video:

As a result of all this chaos associated with street parking(and the risk of getting plowed/crashed into), I left my car at my parents in the suburbs all weekend, and shoveled it out when i got a ride home (because the train was/is still not running) yesterday.


It was admittedly very bizarre walking the empty streets of center city during the storm Saturday, but also very awesome.


I hope Doug has a good garage.