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Southern Indiana: anyone up for wet wandering next weekend?

Leaves are turning, winter is coming, my beautiful summer of topless Jeeping is over but there’s still some beauty left in the land before it all turns brown and grey for months and I once again wonder why I live in such a crappy part of the country.

Next Saturday, October 27th, it’d be nice to join a few Opponauts for some back roads exploration. I’m taking a few Jeeps from my club (and maybe a Jimny too) on a trip from Rushville to Madison this Sunday, and I can repeat the trip next weekend.


So if you have something you’re comfortable driving through water crossings, and you’d be available to spend the day appreciating the scenery, chime in here. Plan on leaving around 11, wrapping up around 6.

(Sorry for the short notice, next year I’ll do better.)

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