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Space Engineers

I’m so happy that SE is on Xbox now. Not because I prefer playing it with a controller. In fact I gave up on that and bought a 20 dollar keyboard and mouse. But because I don’t have a gaming computer and font want to spend hundreds of dollars on one.

Anyway. My brother and I have been playing a bit on line. Just building ships and the. Trying to blow each other up with them. He’s a big time Trekkie and bases his ship designed heavily on Federation designs. So I decided to do the opposite. Here’s my Borg Cube, and Klingon Bird of Prey.

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The restrictions we’ve set for each other are under 20k pcu, no more than 8 rocket launchers, and you have to carry 4 armed warheads in your ship which makes them more explode-y.


My next biuld will be a Romulin Warbird. That’ll be a challenging one. 

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