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Space Force!

Here are the proposed logos for the new Space Force, a 6th branch of our military that will be on par with the US Army, US Navy, US Marine Corps, US Air Force and US Coast Guard.

Aside from the fact that these are comically bad and look like they were done in Powerpoint, let’s compare these submissions with the logos of our existing five branches of the military:


I also take issue with the blatant rip off of the NASA logo. Let’s not forget that NASA is, by its charter, a civilian organization. Conflating its well-known logo with a branch of the military debases its stated peaceful mission. I know this whole idea is still in its infancy, but to roll out these pathetic logos now is nothing more than a shallow marketing ploy to get support for the Space Force. And really, Space Force just sounds dumb. It should really be called Star Command.

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